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Upto until very recently I had never felt the need to contact a psychic, but I had two very important questions which I needed answered, these questions led me to contact Christine in the hope she could help me as no-one else seemed able. One of the questions was regarding my 10yr old son, he has been ill since birth and at age 3 was diagnosed with a very rare medical condition, over the past 7 years the medical profession have struggled to help my son effectively he suffers severe pain attacks throughout his body which at times disable him. At present my son is on painful daily injections combined with other medication and whilst it relieves some symtoms it has not been effective in helping his pain attacks. We have recently been told by doctors that they believe the diagnosis to be correct but are at a loss as to what is causing his pain attacks and believe they are not being caused by the primary diagnosis and so want to treat him with other additional medication until they find one that works, we however do not agree and do want him on any other medication until they find the cause, but as they do not know what is wrong they are no longer really able to help him, and do not know what to do. Feeling quite sad and alone I contacted Christine and this is where the story begins.

The reading Christine gave was astoundingly accurate and as she gave me information about different pieces of my life I was left quite speechless,( a first for me). I dared to hope she could help but as this very accurate reading came to an end she had not mentioned my son. She asked me, was there anything left unanswered during the reading and so I began to tell her about my son, immediatley she began to mention things about him, about what was wrong and what parts of his body are effected, again she gave me amazingly accurate information things she could not have possibly known about as well as new information whilst being very sensitive, as she continued to talk to me I felt overwhelmed with new hope, I had been on the verge of accepting what I was being told by the medical profession even though my own maternal instinct was telling me otherwise, since the day of the reading I have not looked back and my son sees Christine regulary using her wonderful gift and passing on information to help. Of cause our son still visits his consultant regularly and is still on medication prescribed to him and we still value their advice.

Christine has helped myself, my partner and my son tremendously, she has shown us nothing but compassion, understanding, empathy and above all else hope that one day we will be able to know and help our beautiful child we no longer feel alone. Christine has welcomed us into her life and offered support which was very much lacking in our lives. The most important thing is our son has and is developing what I believe to be a very special friendship with a very unselfish, caring person who has oodles of empathy and love, and our son has been lucky enough to be able to benefit from this remarkable, unselfish person using her wonderful gift, we will be forever indebted to you Christine.

Oh and by the way I said at the beginning I had two questions I needed the answer to, one of them was answered during the reading.

Written from my heart.