My Friends

My Friends Upstairs

Chief JosephThroughout the web pages we have given very little personal information. The feeling at the outset was that this is not about me, who I am, but of what ‘we’ do together and how that can and indeed does change the lives of people who walk on our pathway, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It is becoming increasingly evident however that we need to share with you all some of the personal experiences of mine that have brought me to this very humbling exciting, loving and at times difficult point in my life. Joe, short for Joseph, my wonderful guide and friend is constantly urging me to share with the universe experiences that highlight the point that I , Christine am a very down to earth human being, born into a humble, loving Yorkshire family, progressing on the earthplane through many difficulties, but always managing to develop the wonderful spiritual gifts with which I have been very blessed, a channel for the Love, Light and Truth to be delivered from ‘my friends upstairs’ working on a one to one in total privacy and confidentiality with hundreds of people over the years and presently having said all this, I have agreed to give information for a book to be written about me and us, not by me. How long will this take? How long is a piece of string? When will it be published? When the time is right. The title will be as it has always been ‘Me and My Friends Upstairs’. The content, a true and loving account of a life being lived and what is achieved through the word ‘Love’. Also memories of a former life which are so powerfully significant in this one. Please be re-assured that client confidentiality as always is first and foremost. My learned friends upstairs are always teaching me that the answers to our future lies in our past, all these things of course explained in much greater detail through the forthcoming pages. Watch this space! Please do not assume from this book revelation that I now seek glamour, fame and fortune, absolutely not! More importantly to highlight the work we do together and how anyone, whoever they are, can and do benefit. I am and always will be that down-to-earth Yorkshire girl, working for the ‘Greater Good’, with Light, Light and Truth.

Love lights our pathway in the darkness. Allow the universal love around you to light and sparkle your pathway so you may see clearly ahead of you throughout 2016 and beyond.