Love, Light & Healing


Posted By on May 3, 2012 in Testimonials |


Dear Christine

I came and saw you in March this year as I had cancer and needed Healing.

There is so much love and peace in the Healing Room that it uplifts you immediately. You have a wonderful gift and I feel so priviledged to be receiving that gift from you and your “friends”.

I was very distressed and felt very sorry for myself when I arrived at your home. I was at the “why me” stage of affairs. This was the second time I had cancer.

My healing has helped me to turn that corner of self-pity and I am much calmer about everything now. (the frightful temper has cooled down!)

I feel and look very healthy. Someone told me today that I was “blossoming”

I enjoy the time in the healing room immensly and it has done wonders for me mentally and physically. I can't thank you enough for turning my life around and for the love and guidance I receive from you all!

My family and friends are amazed at the different person I am compared to the sad person I was before I met you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.