Angelic Realms

My Angels

Native American ArtAs a lightworker with spirit I always ask for the best possible help for each and every client. Pure love and joy is experienced when the Archangel Realms are channelling. These celestial beings of pure light and love fill the healing sanctuary with colour and an energy which can only be experienced and which words cannot explain. Many clients who ‘feel’ this are completely at a loss for words, words are not always needed. The intensity of the spiritual love needs no explanation and should be experienced to be understood.

I would like to share with you some of the unselfish love and help I have received from earth bound ‘angels’. For many years I have been encouraged to work towards my full potential and received healing from Stephen Turoff, a truly remarkable healer who I am happy to call ‘Friend’. He is a thorough down to earth individual who delivers the truth to be learned from. Thank you Stephen, Dr Khan.

My mum is one of 12 children, my Granny being a remarkable lady, now having been passed over some years ago but her words and sayings come readily to mind a legacy of love and wisdom.

Some of the most important lessons I had to learn was and is patience, self discipline and strength in the face of adversity all encouraged within me by my Aunty May a truly loving and honest lady who certainly didn’t suffer fools gladly but would readily help anyone in need. Her teachings are a constant reminder in my daily life. She displayed such strength and courage throughout her terminal illness and it was such a great and humbling privilege some years ago now to be at her bedside holding her hand as she passed in to the eternal light. My Angel!

I need to give thanks to my husband David, he is a wonderful supporter of the work I do with ‘My Friends Upstairs’. There is no way I could cover the miles I do or the intensity of the sheer volume of work without his constant support. He is the wind beneath my wings, My Angel.

Finally my grateful thanks to my son-in-law, also David, who has superbly designed this website with love and sensitivity for all to enjoy and learn from. My Angel!

Take time to dream
It is hitching your wagon to the star
Take time to love and be loved
It is the privilege of angels
Take time to look around
It is too short a day to be closed in
Take time to laugh
It is the music of the soul