About Us

Our Background

My ‘Friends Upstairs’ as I lovingly call them use me as their ‘channel’, working with me and through me delivering their wonderful energies in the form of healing and evidence of eternal life.

Chief Joseph

I first recognised these gifts at the age of eight years but of course did not understand how to use them. Through the years my ‘guide’ directed people onto my pathway who helped me develop and understand their purpose.

Through this progress I soon learned that we are all connected, we are all but very fine strands connecting and interconnecting but never ending our journey. Over many years now we have worked together delivering love and light into the lives of many clients effecting relief and often complete freedom from many illnesses and traumas in their lives.

Our work is of course complementary to any other help being received through medical channels etc. We are not doctors nor do we offer medical diagnoses. We just have the ability to help in any way that is intended from the higher energies.