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To my dear friend Christine

I first came to see you after my daughter Abigails tragic passing. Abigail was only 15 years old when her life on earth came to an end. There is nothing worse for any parent. I felt so confused and lost, so many things were happening to me. I needed someone to talk to and reassurance that I wasn't going mad, nobody around me understood how I was feeling, we all grieve in different ways. You have been so kind and helpful in ways that no one could possibly imagine. I can talk to you freely without being judged, I can laugh and cry, I know through you that my daughter Abigail is safe and that means more to me than words can ever say.

Through the wonderful work that you do I feel so blessed. You have given me hope through crystal healing and information from the other side. You have uplifted me and given me a positive outlook on my own future. We are all here for a purpose. Some days when I feel so low that life isn't worth living, I think of you and smile, I feel comforted by you that my daughter is with me and somehow I manage to to get up and continue with my day.

You have an amazing gift, thank you for all that you have given me, your support, comfort and guidance, I really do not know where I would be today with out you.

I have now started to develop my own physic awareness with you, this along with meditation has allowed me to open as a person and start my own journey along my pathway. I feel I am almost ready to start to write my book “Abigail's Rainbow” and hope that this will help other grieving parents to understand that what they are going through is normal: the heart wrenching pain throughout our bodies, the suicidal thoughts, to feel guilty about laughing. We will never forget our children and will never want to, yet somehow we can continue on our own journey. I love my daughter Abigail so much, I miss her every single day and I know she is safe.

Thank you Christine for always being there for me.

With all my love

Nicola xx